Traditional thai weavings in Vietnam

15 April 2013




For the Ô Féminin tv show, broadcasted every Saturday at 7:50pm on France Ô channel, I had the chance to go film some stories on topics in the same line of my project World Textiles & Artisans.

Last Saturday you could have watched one of my broadcast reports in Vietnam: a meeting with Vietnamese young designer Linda Mai Phung. Linda designs collections incorporating traditional fabrics made by some of Vietnam’s numerous ethnic minorities. We then had the opportunity to leave on a roadtrip together, 300 kilometers away of Hanoi capital, in the countryside up North, to discover of a Thai tribe textile cooperative which Linda is collaborating with.

It was a lovely visit in this workshop with craftswomen who were all wearing their traditional Thai costume. These skilled weavers produce distinguished fabrics with strong bold graphical motifs. One of their most typical textile is a large two-tone jacquard, usually in black and white with wide geometric patterns symbolizing local flora and fauna.

Magali An