At the origin of this project: Magali An Berthon. Textile designer, researcher and a reporter, passionate about ethnographic textiles, living craft practices and artisans around the world.

A lifelong passion for textiles, design, crafts and traditional ethnographic know-how and sustainability, materialized by a MFA at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris in 2006, a Fulbright scholarship in 2014-2015 at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York in the Masters program Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory and Museum Practices, and a PhD at the Royal College of Art of London started in 2016. A specific interest for designers and craftspeople, secular textile traditions surviving the modern world, contemporary practices reviving these know-how.

  • Since 2010, the launch of an inspiration blog of inspiration  Ici et Ailleurs (Here & Elsewhere) to share my visual diary (travel, design, art, creative crew…) and some numerous collaborations and contributions to online and paper magazines such as Paulette Magazine, Culture 360 and Maison d’Exceptions.
  • A collection of fabrics from different travels constantly expanding.
  • In 2012-2013, an active participation to the tv show Ô Féminin on France Ô channel as a co-hostess and journalist expert on the Southeast Asian region. Broadcast of two stories about golden silk in Cambodia and the revival of textile craftsmanship in Vietnamese tribes.
  • Since 2012, consulting in textile design on artisanal projects mainly in Asia, to promote local techniques and develop contemporary fashion and home products respectful of these cultural heritages.

Then came this crazy idea: highlighting the different textile know-how and crafts from all over the world, to document the beauty and variety of fabrics and processes, and hear the voices of artisans and designers. This is the beginning of this documentary project on the long run mixing films, texts and images called World Textile & Artisans (Tissus & Artisans du Monde).

For your information : this website is a copyrighted artistic and documentary platform.

Through this project, I receive a lot of requests asking me for advice and addresses of artisans and workshops. If you are interested, I may offer you consulting as a professional service via my non-profit organization Ateliers Monde. (The proceeds of this personalized service will support the non-profit’s actions and help us to support our artisans partners.)  


Webdesign Julien Landouar julienlandouar.fr

Visual identity Mara Binudin www.marabinudin.com & Damien Lecoq damienlecocq.com/blog

Video editing for the reports in Morocco, Cambodia and Vietnam : Stella K www.facebook.com/stellakworkshop

Video editing for the reports in Burkina Faso : Marine Bucher

Video editing for the reports in France, Canada and USA : Rémi Buono

Special Thanks

Many thanks to all the artisans and people who have agreed to be filmed, photographed and interviewed. In Morocco: Fatima, Hanene, Said, Abdou, Abbès, Weaving cooperative of Ain Leuh… Many thanks to Mohamed El Hajjy and his family.

In Cambodia: Jung Minh Han, Thea, Kikuo Morimoto, Pheac Oum, Aymeric Bellamy Brown, Neakru, Bunthoen, Psey Touch from Soieries du Mékong.

In Vietnam: Ly Mei Chan, Tran Thu Thuy from the Hanoi Ethnography Museum, Nguyen Ngoc Bich.

In Burkina Faso: Zakaria Ouedraogo, François Ier, Gisèle Moukoro Ouedraogo, Christiane Lamizana and Le Gafreh NGO.

I would also like to thank the donators from the crowd funding call onKiss Kiss Bank Bank.com last March 2012:

Joseph et Ginette Berthon, Anne Valleron, Elise Magras, Nat Berthon, Anne-Marie Berthon, Maryvonne Motreff, Alan Sutton, Linda Delarosbil, Marc Azoulay, Eloise Larochelle, Morgane Sezalory, Katharina Delaneau, Michelle Potez, David Priol, Sophie Benoit, Michael Atlan, Solange Ragot, Matthieu Marquaille, Rachel Shamash, Delphine Lopez, Nathalie Ifrah, Amélie Dubois, Colette et Jean-Louis Gombeaud, Isabelle Smith, Corinne Blanc, Eliane Peltat, Elodie De la Rue du Can , Mara Binudin, Noémie Voyer, Pierre-Louis Bouvier, Jonathan Villard, Yvette Terrin, Cédric Even, Clémence Hardelay, Marine Chaumier, Gaelle Porte, Ngoc Phung Dang, Alexandre Boyer, Patricia Le Cam-Gremy, Isabelle Blache, Hélène Brunet-Rivaillon, Anh Gloux, Florence de Suremain, Didier Daglinckx, Lola Reboud, Martine Aubert, Laurence Glisoni, Cécile Sayuri, Nathalie Manier, Juliette Pic, Florence Bourgade.

My parents, family, friends and supports. Without you, non of this would be possible ! Thank you.