World Textiles & Artisans is taking you on a digital journey to discover textiles of exceptional know-how, through portraits of artisans and designers.

Follow the thread of discoveries and encounters, from France to Morocco, Cambodia to Burkina Faso… To transmit a passionate and curious look at the global textile heritage and be a part of the beautiful handmade experience.

Interactive web documentary with pics, texts and videos as a tribute to craftspeople and designers with a hand on craft, gives them a voice, seizes their testimonies about their passion, inspiration and beauty of their craft.

Several cultures and countries are to be featured. Unpublished exclusive reports will animate the website: Morocco, a trip conducted in August 2011 to Azrou, Fez and Essaouira; Cambodia in January 2012, Vietnam in February 2012, Burkina Faso in July 2012, Laos in December 2012 and France… Meetings with French artisans and designers who perpetuate very specific textile know-how (lace, feather, embroidery…) with a contemporary approach will also punctuate the life of this ongoing project, as a global overview of textile art, design and crafts, to explore the “Made in World”.

This is a sensitive travelogue, to share the beauty of fabrics (silk, wool, linen, patterns, different techniques…), telling the stories of dyers, weavers, embroiderers, textile designers all over the world… How do they live? Who are they? What is their history?

An exhibition will then close and celebrate this worldwide journey. It will be the opportunity to gather the sum of discoveries : photos, short films and textile samples collected from artisans.