Gifts from allover the world

8 March 2013



Remember a year ago, I had launch a successful fundraise on the participatory platform Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to help me continue the World Textile & Artisans journey. With the support of fifty benefactors, I was then able to fund new travels and go to Burkina Faso, to meet some local artisans and bring you new textile stories.

It took me some time, I admit, but I finally got to gather all the gifts to reward those who have nicely encouraged this project: bookmarks, photo prints, woven scarves from Cambodia, accessories from Northern Vietnam tribes, DVD with a selection of mini-movies … During my recent trip to Cambodia last November, for my collaboration as a designer with Artisans d’Angkor on the In the Mood for Boheme silk capsule line, I took the opportunity to design an original tote bag in linen and cotton, with the iconic print of the collection. A very limited edition that will be part of the package of my most generous funders.

And I wish to thank again all those who have supported me a year ago, with such energy and positivity! They are all mentioned in the About page section. And I also would like to thank all those who have just discovered the project, who enjoy it, share it with me, or just come visit these pages and travel with me daily.

Magali An