Sensations of Cambodia

25 August 2013

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Neak sok sabay té ? How are you doing?

Cambodia seizes you like a sweet and haunting refrain.

People, colors, light, everything has a soul there. In this country with such a troubled recent history, everything remains yet to be rebuilt, discovered, understood. Amazing crafts and skills are starting to be rehabilitated. I have been there last January 2012 and I still feel all these sensations imprinted in my memory, on my retinas. So many images for so many memories, so many encounters I hope to share with you in these pages. I have been a lot on the road there, by tuk tuk, bus, taxi… The young people everywhere, children who greet you with joined hands,  the Khmer countryside passing through your eyes, ocher roads and dust clouds… I keep from these days in Cambodia, the “land of smiles”, in the streets of the Phnom Penh capital, near the Angkor Wat temples, in a taxi on the road to North Thailand, with Takeo village weavers, such a sensation of whirling light and life.

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Royal and colorful Phnom Penh

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 Siemp Reap or the splendors of Angkor city

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 Banteay Chmar, suspended time in the countryside