La Tisserie : world weaving at the land of Lorient

26 June 2014


070514-Exposition 2014 à la Tisserie de Brandérion.


La Tisserie is a museum located in Branderion, near the city of Lorient in South Brittany, France. The site has just reopened and offers a brand new exhibition exploring the textile know-how around the world.

From South America to Africa, and to Asia, La Tisserie takes you on a journey from one continent to another. In the way of a colorful and generous travelogue, the visit helps tracing back over traditional weaving through a series of large format photographs, didactic videos and playful manipulations.

The center is therefore showcasing the whole process of manual fabric. You will first learn about natural fibers from animal to vegetal origins, and the spinning process to change raw material into yarn. You then dive into pigments and color with natural dyes, and finally learn about handweaving technique. Each particular loom offers endless weaving possibilities and each fabric shows the characteristic colors and patterns from their area traditions. The program also offers activities held at La Tisserie to design and explore different techniques, for creative curious people of all ages.

La Tisserie is also broadcasting a World Textiles & Artisans video from the Cambodia stories : “Thea, the natural dyes.” I was also part of the museographic committee during the new exhibition conception.

I am very pleased to tell you about this very rewarding partnership between World Textiles & Artisans and La Tisserie which will last over time. If you happen to live in the area or if you plan on visiting Britanny over the summer, make a detour to La Tisserie for a colorful textile travel.

La Tisserie – 02 97 32 90 27 – Rue Vincent Renaud – 56700 Brandérion