Textile crafts around the world

World Textiles & Artisans takes you on a journey to discover textile crafts except through portraits of artisans and designers.

Follow the thread of discoveries and meetings, from France to Morocco, Cambodia to Burkina Faso…
To be a part of this beautiful handmade culture and transmit a passionate and curious look at the global textile heritage.

You will dive in pictures, colors and sensations into traditions and crafts of exceptional textiles.

A multimedia documentary combining picture, video and text to give voice to craftsmen and designers from all over the world: France, Morocco, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burkina Faso, Laos… A way to honor them, to listen that they have to convey : the beauty of their art and their expertise.

A worldwide trip which will make several stops and bring a passionate look at the human, social and cultural aspects of these techniques, their uniqueness, universality and contemporary perspectives.

Get in the journey
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