Sensations of Laos

1 August 2014


After one month spent in Cambodia to work as a designer for a silk craft company, I could not resist to pass by Laos where I have always dreamed of visiting. So I have been to Luang Prabang and its surroundings and I keep such a memory of such a serene and incomparable light.

It is such a quiet peaceful city which is almost disconcerting. You may  get the impression that tourists are the only Luang Prabang’s inhabitants, but it does not tarnish the atmosphere nor the beauty of this ancient royal capital city, classified Unesco Heritage. On the contrary, it invites you to dig deeper, to open up a little more to the lush nature, among bougainvillea, hibiscus and green palms, to discover the Mekong River as a snake revolving around the city in its quiet arms, offering resplendent sunsetsFinally you can walk or bike through the town and accompany the Buddhist monks’ morning walk, draped in orange and saffron fabrics. I can not wait to go back to there and to travel the country to look for exceptional textile artisans.

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Luang Prabang, douceur suspendue du Laos